What is MHVR?

MHVR is Mechanical Ventilation Heat recovery, and is becoming more and more popular in the home installs.
MHVR is a whole house ventilation system, which both extracts & supplies air through the whole property.
The system is designed to remove ‘Bad’ air from rooms such as bathrooms, Kitchens and utilities, recover up to 98% of the heat being extracted from the ‘Bad’ air and place this heat into clean fresh air from outside. This will then circulates fresh air into all other rooms. MHVR is a filtered system to remove pollen and other unwanted debris from outside air.

Key points:

  • No need for windows to be left on tickle vent, reducing heat loss
  • No need for extractors in bathrooms, kitchens & utilities
  • Continuous clean fresh air
  • Fully compliant with all relevant building regulations
  • Compliance certificate issued upon completion
  • Mould & condensation prevention
  • Summer bypass mode, to extract the buildings bad air & heat

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Continuous Fresh Air

MVHR reduces the chance of mould, and offers a source of continuous fresh air


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